the artist

Cindy’s 15 year career as a graphic designer is the foundation of her current profession as a jewelry designer / instructor. The moment she set foot in a bead store, the seed beads drew her in. A deep love of the complexity of color is the foundation of her explorations in beading. Cindy enjoys interpreting traditional off-loom stitches in new ways. She is also a certified Master Art Clay Silver Instructor, and especially enjoys creating new designs incorporating beading with metal clay.

For the last number of years, Cindy has been teaching classes of her own designs in beading and Art Clay full time. Cindy was elected founding President of the Art Clay Society of Orange County and held that position for several years. In March of 2011, Cindy opened her Creative Place in Fullerton, California, a location dedicated to teaching and sharing the wonders of metal clay. In 2018 Cindy relocated Creative Place to Portland, Oregon.Cindy Pankopf’s Creative Place offers supplies and classes in metal clay, Art Clay Silver, beading and other forms of jewelry making. Her goal is to broaden the scope of her techniques and continue designing, teaching and sharing with others every day. She enjoys teaching locally in Orange County, CA and nationally at the Bead and Button Show and other venues.

Cindy has received several awards. In 2010, she placed 2nd in Bead Dreams and was a Finalist in the Toho Emerging Bead Artist competition.  Cindy is the author of Beadmaille: Jewelry with Bead Weaving & Metal Rings, andher latest book, The Absolute Beginners Guide to Metal Clay will be released in 2011. Cindy has also been featured in numerous publications, including several recent articles in Bead and Button Magazine.


Inspiration and education are two of the primary components of Cindy’s teaching philosophy. She believes in helping people to discover their own talents by encouraging and challenging them to grow, and sharing with students many of the things that are possible with metal clay. The flexibility, ease-of-use, and versatility of this medium make it an ideal means of creative expression and problem solving.

Cindy likes to teach classes focusing on techniques, rather than creating identical projects, as much as possible. She believes that demonstrating specific things in great detail will give her students a greater understanding of specific techniques/products which she hopes will translate into general knowledge that her students can use in future projects. It gives her great satisfaction to see her students create and explore on their own.